Police: Suicidal man shot in buttocks after firing toward officer

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Quoted from Coloradoan Story: Police: Suicidal man shot in buttocks after firing toward officer
Author: Robert Allen ♦ RobertAllen@coloradoan.com
Police shot James J. Scheu, Jr., 49, of Fort Collins in the buttocks Tuesday night after he'd fired his .45 caliber handgun toward an officer and into a parked car and two neighboring houses, according to Fort Collins Police Services.

Officers responded to Scheu's home on the 3100 block of Longhorn Court after he'd called them at 7:34 p.m. reporting plans to shoot himself. He said he had several weapons in his home, according to a news release from Fort Collins Police.

"Scheu, who had been drinking alcohol, was alone at the time of the incident and told dispatchers he wanted police to clean up the mess before his family came home," according to the news release.

Nobody else was in the home, and no officers were injured in the incident, according to police.

Officers could hear shots being fired inside the home as they arrived. Scheu came out the front door, randomly firing his weapon twice: into the air and down the street. He went back inside and fired some more, according to the news release.

Officer Carrie Wills, who has been with Fort Collins Police for seven years, shot Scheu with her patrol rifle after he returned outside and fired the shots into the vehicle, homes and in the direction of an officer, according to the news release.

Wills has been placed on paid administrative leave, as is agency policy for officer-involved shootings. Charges against Scheu are pending.

Scheu was taken in critical condition Tuesday night to Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland. He was listed in "fair" condition Wednesday, according to a hospital spokesperson.

He is believed to have fired more than 20 total shots in the incident, and he was hit as the Larimer County SWAT team entered the area with a Bearcat armored vehicle, police Capt. Jerry Schiager said at the scene Tuesday.

Police continue to investigate the incident and ask anyone with information about the shooting, who hasn't already spoken with police, to call detective Neal Hisam at (970) 224-6116.

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Replying to Casefile:

Replying to LocalCop911: ... The latest shooting was with a rifle and that improves one's aim a whole bunch so she shot at a non-lethal area. Good aim and good thinking!

I totally agree. Very good professional police work. Not every shoot has to be lethal, and this proves that point. IMHO, the last shoot and community concern over it may have lead to a re-evaluation of department policy. Again, maybe not... Regardless, kudos Officer Wills, good work!
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Butt Shot

I agree it was a righteous shoot, but I doubt the lady was aiming for his buttocks.  It was a missed shoot-to-kill IMHO.
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I guess I have to rethink my

I guess I have to rethink my assessment that Fort Collins is not a war zone. I guess the local law enforcement is at war with the citizens. As much lead that has been placed in the air by law enforcement lately would make it dangerous just to walk across the street. If see the police anywhere near you may want to leave before the gun fire starts.  

Ass whoopin

Larimer county sheriff like to chase em, Fort Collins likes to shoot them. At lease this wasn't lethal.

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