Daiichi III - Analysis of Online Images

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The gist is that we may not be being told the truth. Analysis indicates that smoke and/or steam are coming through the concrete shield plug above the reactor vessel of Daiichi III.

These where done using Gimp, with some processing. The image is zoomed 300% (3x). The initial analysis indicates that the smoke/steam is coming from at least two and possibly three point sources on the concrete shield plug of the containment structure. One at either end of the center seam of the plug, and also on the right edge of the plug as seen from the camera view.

300% zoom showing smoke/steam coming out of the concrete shield plug.

The schematic of the Mark 1 is:
BWR Mark I containment cutaway drawing.

The gasses venting appear to be coming out at some pressure due to the shape of the plumes. Images highlighting the concrete shield plug at a later time.

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Controversial report suggesting data may indicate meltdown of #1

From the Time.com blogs, this story titled Has Fukushima's Reactor No. 1 Gone Critical? is a white paper report indicating that some of the data on seawater contamination may be interpreted as “transient criticality” (nuclear reactions occurring spontaneously for a temporary amount of time). It's controversial in that the only true way to check is the precise ratio of isotopes as some of the commentators have suggested. If this has yet been done, it hasn't been reported.

What Was The Cause Of The High Cl-38 Radioactivity In The Fukushima Daiichi Reactor #1

Fort Collins, CO, USA

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Cloth tenting and 10,000,000x levels of radiation...

This, from the AP, at the story, Setbacks mount in Japan at leaking nuclear plan:

The government also is considering covering some reactors with cloth tenting, TEPCO said. If successful, that could allow workers to spend longer periods of time in other areas of the plant.

just made me laugh. It is so reminiscent of the instructions of the Dept. of Homeland (in)Security to use duct tape on the windows in case of an attack. Maybe if the cloth were made of lead...

I started imaging when the CSU book restoration project was going on, back in 1998, I believe, and became interested in image analysis during the time of the Mars Global Surveyor. I've a very well rounded knowledge base, including physics and even some understanding of quantum mechanics and nuclear processes, and I'm really beginning to wonder here.

A few days ago we were told that radiation had reached levels 10,000,000 million times normal. We weren't told which reactor or where exactly. Then we were told the readings were in error. Then were are told the readings are 100,000 times normal.

An alternative scenario is we witnessed a full core meltdown, with breach of the reactor vessel into the primary containment building. The readings dropped because the engineering safeties engaged for just such scenarios. Reactor three is venting through the concrete shield plug, as is obvious through on-line images. So what is really going on? Three reactors possibly in meltdown mode or already so, and management possibly in a Cover Your Ass mode. This is not a level 4 or 5 incident. This is a level 7 incident. And the news and comments are being censored WORLD WIDE!

I became convinced we were getting smoke blown up our collective asses when the US NAVY moved all vessels in the area to the western side of Japan back over two weeks ago. So extra kudos to those engineers, technicians and Japanese SDF forces that are risking their lives here. They are not just doing it for the Japanese, they do it for the world. Domo Arigato!yes

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Over FOURTY FIVE days later, the truth starts to come out...

So March 30, I said that there were three reactors possibly in meltdown mode, just from the imagery and description of the events at Daiichi, from the perspective of an educated layperson.

So on Reuters, May 16, we have the report “Tokyo Electric: reviewing records of how nuclear crisis unfolded”. In it is the following quote:

The utility said on Sunday that a review of data from March 11 suggested that the fuel rods in the No. 1 reactor were completely exposed to the air and rapidly heating five hours after the quake.

By the next morning - just 16 hours later - the uranium fuel rods in the first reactor had melted down and dropped to the bottom of the pressure vessel, the cylindrical steel container that holds the fuel at the core.

The No. 2 and No. 3 reactors are expected to have gone through a similar process and like No. 1 are leaking most of the water being pumped in a bid to keep their cores cool.

Engineers and management at TEPCO couldn't interpolate the most likely scenario, but a layperson in Colorado posted the most likely one 45 days ago? That is very hard to fathom...

Just in case governing bodies, executive decision makers, and dictator/despot types haven't noticed, the Internet has connected the world's people like a nervous system. Therefore in the future, when something like this occurs, please realize it's kind of hard to pass off lies when a million minds can look at the issue, isn't it?

Fort Collins, CO, USA

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