Injunctive action filed in Fort Collins to prevent exercise of "Local Option"...

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An injunctive action has been filed in the District Court of the Eighth Judicial District to prevent the exercise of the “Local Option” with respect to Medical Marijuana Centers. The case number is 11CV1044. Service has not occurred as plaintiff is currently a pauper and awaits the Courts discretion to allow him to proceed without the payment of filing fees. That's because only lawyers or the court clerk can issue the summons, and that requires a fee or waiver of it if done by the clerk.

Below is the Emergency Motion to Proceed Without Payment of Filing Fee, with redaction of certain information that could be considered privileged. If you want to see it, you'll have to go to the file…

11CV1044 - Motion to File Without Payment of Filing Fee

If the Court declines, then we'll need to come up with the filing fee, $135 the last I looked. The Complaint will be posted if and when the summons is valid and is served.





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Motion Denied...

The Motion to File Without Payment of Fees was denied, stating that "Plaintiff doesn't qualify", or words to that effect. I actually haven't received the order, and it doesn't matter as it's within the discretion of the Court to do so. It does violate case law and precedent for indigent plaintiff's but whatever.

So I had to go borrow the filing fee of $224 dollars. That significantly will hurt my future finances. So if you're interested in helping the cause, call me at (970) 672-8298.

Fort Collins, CO, USA

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