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Local merchants need to be aware that Electronic Merchant Systems has decided to hold on to funds of certain merchants in town without reasonable cause. One of my regular merchants in Downtown Fort Collins contacted me today about a credit card transaction on October 19, 2011 for the amount of $43.02 whose funds they have not received. The problem was found during an accounting audit.

That amount was a valid credit card purchase. Neither the amount nor the purchase are in dispute. No fraud has been alleged. The money has been removed from my checking account. However, the merchant has not been paid. They have held on to my money without paying the merchant for almost two months.

Said merchant is out a sum total of almost $2000.00 on illegally held money, not just from my transaction but numerous others. I tried contacting them on numerous 800 numbers, but they were of the “I don't give a shit, we'll only talk to the merchant” (their client). Why not, they already have the money?

If you've had this problem as a business or consumer, please contact me at al@alreaud.net to determine how many businesses/consumers have been affected. I'm also going to file a police report on the issue, because some company just can't convert my money to their own use and leave me with the liability for the transaction.

 Organization name:
Electronic Merchant Systems
National Headquarters
5005 Rockside Road
Penthouse 100
Independence, Ohio 44131

Associated numbers:

  • 800.726.2117 x1456 - Dalmeda
  • 888.615.1330, Client services.
  • 800.726.2117, Corporate Cffices.


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EMS Paid, but merchant having to self-collect

Rather than paying the merchant as required, Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) credited my checking account the funds, $43.02, on December 15, forcing me to have to manually pay the merchant, which I promptly did. In cash.

The whole process cost me hours, from conversing with the merchant, to contacting EMS, to having to go to the bank and withdraw the funds, etc. All so that the merchant can be paid what they were fucking entitled to in the first place, without anybody spending a further second on it.

My suggestions to any dispensaries in the local area that use EMS is: GO CASH. Dispensaries do that for this last 60 days and can save a wopping amount of cash. If you're paying them 3% you'll save that, and if you're paying 5%, you're being raped. Because your business, in somebody's miniscule mind in an office somewhere, isn't legitimate in their eyes. Give the patient a discount, and they will right up go to cash, LOL! (sadly, I don't have a smiley that is "the bird", but if I did, it would go here)

I'm also very tempted to start looking at POS terminals to see if they say EMS, and set down the merchandise and decline the transaction if they do. Or just go cash. Rember Newton's third law? It applies to all things, by analogy…

Fort Collins, CO, USA

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