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Sadly, I have to bring the news that Stacy Lynne lost the custody of her child via court order from Judge Julie Fields. We had numerous witnesses there to observe the proceedings, but the Court had the deputies wait until almost everybody was gone and run down the street to catch her just as she was driving off. She has been ordered to turn in the child to the Sheriff's Office by noon today, or face an arrest warrant and kidnapping charges. Nasty porcine LCSO Sargent raising his voice to observers in the processes, BTW, caught on video and audio tape by witnesses.

The illegitimacy of this is that AT NO TIME WAS STACY CORRECTLY SERVED WITH THE ORDER IN A MANNER TO ALLOW MEANINGFUL CHALLENGE TO THE ORDER. Of course not, the petitioner is being represented by a member of the Guild, LOL. This is an order from a Court that has refused to look at the evidence that NOT ONE witness, even of the petitioners own witnesses, gave any testimony as to the non-suitability of Stacy Lynne as a parent. Most glowingly spoke of her capability, tenderness, and caring as a mother. Whereas many witnesses spoke of the instability of the father.  The only witness who spoke negatively about Stacy was a one of those court appointed evaluators. And that was before the judge emptied the Courtroom of spectators. What was testified to outside of the view of spectators? Here, despicably, is an example of the local courts using a child as a means of political retaliation against Stacy Lynne for her research and whistle-blowing in local Innosphere fiasco. Folks, that's a story that is almost ready for birth, and this action against Stacy Lynne will precipitate it.

Here's a synopsis of today's occurrences at the Larimer County Justice Center with respect to Stacy Lynne:

  1. Received notiice of Stacy Lynne (SL) orders hearing tomorrow yesterday.
  2. Arrive at Larimer County Justice Center 08:15 hrs.
  3. No SL on docket.
  4. Walked courtrooms looking at the docket sheets. No SL. Did see that there is a Broderick Hearing, Courtroom 5C, 1:30PM.
  5. SL arrives at about 8:40 hrs, about 15 people in tow.
  6. SL is here to get a copy of the orders that she knows were issued but haven't been served on her.
  7. Clerk of 3C tells SL that she needs to go down to file room to get copies of order.
  8. The deputies are getting worried as there is a crowd of us and they don't know our intentions, so I go explain our purpose is to just get a copy of the order. I know most of them quite well from a year at the LCDC…
  9. Fifteen pages of orders (haven't read them yet). She gets copies.
  10. Deputy comes in to remind us of no recording devices. What is up with the Court's irrational fear of recording devices. So that they can attempt to charge us $150/page of transcript or some other ridiculous rights-violating amount?
  11. Deputy stands there to insure that we aren't digitally recording anything.
  12. SL attempts to talk to Larry Abrahamson, but he's not available. She reads out the order to the observers as she waits. No Abrahamson.
  13. Back up to 3A clerk. This time the clerk at the window has a smile on her face. SL comments on her thinking it is funny that she is loosing her child.
  14. SL gives a statement outside, crying. The Court has ordered that she loose parental custody, that the non-present father now get full custody of the child, that she can only have supervised visitations, etc.
  15. I go to leave and get a text that they are blocking her car and preventing her from leaving. WTF!
  16. Go where she is parked across from the County Administration Building. She is being verbally "advised" by the porcine Sargent that she has to turn the kid over to the Sheriff''s Office at the LCSO by noon or face an arrest warrant and kidnapping charges.

So what these individuals did is wait till they thought the witnesses were gone, and then pounced on the "victim". We were there for an hour and a half, physically, at the Larimer County Justice Center in full view of every camera and deputy there. But they couldn't find the time in their busy day to serve the order on her there. No, of course not, but they found the time with the quickness once witnesses were gone. Ridiculous behavior that shows some character flaw, IMHO.

As the author of this post it behooves me to advise the Court:

The Court goes down a dark wrongful path here. WE ARE WATCHING. Nobody alleged anything with SL that would justify parental termination. WE KNOW THE REAL REASON BEHIND THIS. It's related to $5,000,000 of Fort Collins taxpayer money changing hands wrongfully in what was a case of obvious conflict of interest and post-governmental-job padding. When this explodes in your faces, you have nothing and no one to blame but your own corruption, greed, and self-interest and that of the Guild and it's cronies. Also remember that there is no more dangerous and feral animal than a momma critter protecting her babies. Hence, on your heads be it


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Making a comeback

This whole thing was illegal and was paid and funded by Agenda 21 advocates. The judge is corrupt, the father was paid and none of it was legal. What they did to this woman and even worse to that child they are going to pay for dearly in the future and I won't feel one bit bad for any of them. Disgusting judge Julie. You are going to face the ultimate judge and I don't think we have too long to wait.

Investigate Pat Stryker....picket her estate!!

You need to find out just how much Pat Stryker given to that judge indirectly or not. Pat Stryker needs a full on investigation but the local grasping hands won't allow it. Fort Collins has been taken over by Jarad Polis, the greeting card sales billionaire, through gerrymandering, and he really sucks up to those with the faulty tower accents who've embedded themselves through Stryker, CODA, and CSU. Fort Collins needs to become known as a far more sinister a place than instead the Choice City™wants you to believe. Come here and you'll lose your man, your child, and your life to these miserable socialists. That's cause Pat knows everything, and she demands that you acknowledge her superiority. CSU, ya'll students must tow the line or ya won't get that treasured liberal arts degree ya know. No wonder they support her, she wanted to build them a new stadium in the middle of town with her name on it course. Yeah she suck eggs!

The issues of Jurisdiction

Here is what may be the answer to the issues I read, as a former para legal, to a Constitutional law professor, that I will share as I also had a horrific situation, that tore my life apart. So, here is my two cent's, that may really help Stacy Lynne. The creators of our nation, wrote the Constitution, to rescue us, when our nation becomes out of control. We are in a plague that is being caused by the UN, and their followers, who are much like those of Hitler. With the average person, not comprehending, what is really going on to our nation, as this is a take over, by communist's, who want our land. Real, concerning, and very much, not understood, by the average American. And here is what is, in my opinion, of what may help, in the civil matter's of Stacy's case, to end all the games of an out of control court. Here is what I would do. First, I would move to a state that favors women and the family. Then, I would transfer all issues in Federal Court, and file a document called informa pauperis (?spelling), to be granted the right to file, with no cost involved. (Supreme Court Rule 298?). As this is a transfer of jurisdiction, due to discrimination. Mark the file box with, Violation of the 14th Amendment. Keep all, real simple. Then get a second case, to also file in Federal Court, to demand cash demands, name Court, Judge, ex partner, and anyone else involve, on same suit. Ask for a few million dollar's, for the suffering caused, and request Court appointed lawyer. Also, to file under 'pauper laws', for no file fee. If, help is needed to file, go to the Federal Court, and find out when the 'helpers' are there, to help you file suit, get answer's, etc. Also, note that to deny you, your son, is real serious. Where, was your hearing? And then the right to Appeal? And the right's to rehear? And your sons right's? And what about your relatives right's? These are the major issues. And to state, I am uncertain of the money being claimed, as to in any manner being legal, so do not forget to mention this on the Federal suit-transfer case. As, to demand child support, one has the right to a fair hearing, to fight it, if unfair. WIth child support based on earnings, and is a percent of it, but again, hearings come into play, on all issues. And this is what I would do, knowing what I can grasp of involvement of people, concerned with Agenda 21, and what has been done to you and your son. And to say a bit of Stacy's involvement with Agenda 21, put this on hold. Fight these scum, who harmed you, and planned it, with not one thought of your son! Get your son out of this horrid ordeal. And my opinion of Agenda 21, is that it is about communism. It is as the land grab of Adolph Hitler. This is a fraud being carried out by the UN, that get's it's money to do, what they do, mostly from the USA. This funding need's to be stopped. by having a document on the internet, and from going door to door, to stop all funding to the UN, by us. To explain, exactly what this is, and does and causes, must be explained to people. As from what I have tracked on this, it cost's billions. They want about 50 billion to carry out, what they have on their agenda, and what they want to pocket. And who are these creep's? What right do they have, to enter our country and tell us, they are going to take our children, our job's, our education system, our park structure our right to live in a suburb or in the country? They want to bankrupt the USA. They are building concentration camp's, with Fema, in many countries, including the USA. We have about 800 concentration camp's, here in the USA. And some in Canada, and Australia. Our President-Obama is real sick and dangerous. He bought over one billion dollar's worth of coffins, and bullet's that are hollow, in the billions. Why? And he removed a law, that does not allow military actions, against us, Posse Commitadis (?spelling). I may not be certain on how to spell it, but I know what the loss of this, means. We are all in danger from a government out of control. Spying on us, tapping our phones. Trying to figure out how to microchip our hand's, or head. And I have left out ton's of other data, of killing us with a microwave gas chamber's. Liars, creep's and all very dangerous. And Stacy need's to transfer jurisdiction, while, we have a Federal Court, that does protect us, from having our right's destroyed. I do not know what else to say. God, protect us. Joy

"To deny you, your son, is

"To deny you, your son, is real serious. Where, was your hearing? And then the right to Appeal? And the right's to rehear? And your sons right's? And what about your relatives right's? These are the major issues."    They are neither civil or criminal court cases, but a mishmash of both jurisdictions.  The magistrates and judges presiding over these cases are not neutral weighers of facts. they have shown us that much.   Stacy Lynn returns to court September 16, 2014  courtroom 2B, before Magistrate Spangler - who refused to recuse himself from further proceedings, though he is named as a litigant in a lawsuit by Ms Lynn. Guess that won't cloud his judgement in any way? This is an important hearing, as Ms Lynn will be able to finally present witnesses and evidence on her behalf. The fact that due process has been denied for over two years should alarm every citizen of Larimer County. It could be any of us.

Support Stacy Lynne Fund


A fund has been established to assist Stacy Lynn with legal costs incuurred in her 8th JD child custody (and now) criminal cases. Established by THE BENEFIT OF STACY LYNNE FUND, an unicorporated, nonprofit alliance of supporters.

information: 1-855 Our Rights
email comments to
mail to: The Benifit of Stacy Lynn Fund, PO Box 1211, Arvada, CO 80002-1211


Lord Help Us

Dec 19, 2011 Stacy Lynne went to her child's school at the end of the day to pick up her 8 y/o son. She found him curled in a ball on the floor, next to his estranged father, who had arrived with court papers - ink still wet from Judge Julie Fields. Stacy Lynne received no papers and knew nothing of their contents. She and her son ran from the school building to safety from a man who has threatened both their lives.   Stacy Lynne arrived at the Larimer County Courthouse Dec 20 to find out what was on the papers she didn't have. She discovered in the court file that Judge Fields had issued an order (15 pages), Dec 18, no notice of service included. THIS is how a mother had her child stolen by the state: Stacy Lynne no longer had custody of her son, full custody was granted to the child's father. Stacy Lynne must now have supervised visitation. Stacy Lynne would begin to pay child supoort and attorney fees for her child's father. Ms Lynne searched the entire Justice Center building for help. Chief Judge was unavailable. District Court Administrator not in. Judge Fields' clerk sent her to the file room. Elliot Phelps, DA Investigator was the only person willing to comment to Ms Lynne'. He advised Stacy Lynne to put her complaint and notice of pending legal action against the DA in writing. "What happens to my complaint and claim notice?" she asked. "[b]County attorney will review it." [/b] So the county attorneys defend the DA in legal actions? County attorneys, who influence the DA to prosecute parents for child abuse charges that can't be proven? Double jeopordy of prosecuting someone twice for the same alleged crime that neither office (family civil courts and criminal courts) can prove occured? The same county attorneys who protect caseworkers' unwarranted intrusion into the lives of citizens and remove children without warrants? THOSE COUNTY ATTORNEYS will defend the DA's office for prosecutorial misconduct?

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