Happy Birthday Dr. King! We're still walking towards the "Promised Land" though...

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On Martin Luther King Day, we see about us the fruits of the "Promised Land" for some. But the line to get in has been long, and many still haven't and probably won't see the "Promised Land" this turn of the wheel. Dr. King's quest was not just about racial equality, but about equality and justice for ALL. Martin Luther King, Jr., ladies and gentlemen, was the point of Lady Justice's spear, a martyr for Her and social justice.

In that vein, we call upon all members of all denominations to stand up for Dr. Kings legacy, and continually strive for actual and true social justice always, not just give lip service to the concept. We have a dire problem facing America, a problem totally internal and caused by the complacency of many Americans, resulting in them not being vigilant. I speak of what is the business of justice in America, mostly as manifested in the county and district judicial systems,

In a society where equality of justice is guaranteed to all, it is obvious to the casual observer that meaningful access to the Courts has become a fantasy. I speak of our local jurisdiction, the Eighth Judicial in Colorado, and I speak for those that are being aggrieved because they don't have the knowledge to realize they are being cheated or the tools to defend themselves if they do realize it.

When the level of justice that you can afford dictates the justice you receive, and individuals who can't afford members of the Guild as representatives get judged by members of the Guild against individuals who can afford to be represented by other members of the Guild, well then justice is for SALE and is inherently NOT justice but a commodity.

If you are a true American, and truly believe in the Deity, you need to start paying attention. The foundations of America aren't just God and Country. Both are meaningless without justice for all. Please remember the last words of the Pledge of Allegiance: "... with liberty and justice for all." Those words have been there since the first version, 1892, and we fought a war against ourselves before then because there were those who did not believe in those words, and there still are those that don't believe in them. Without justice for all, we are but the tyranny of Olde Engelond in the 21st. Century.


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