Email to Larimer County Commissioners: LCWC communications will result in harassment complaint

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The following was sent to the Larimer County Commissioners this morning re Dana Jardin's latest communitacton, via Larimer County email to commissioners,

Greetings Commissioners,

First of, and for the record, my correct address is:
1104 Columbine Ct, Apt 4
Fort Collins, CO 80521-3710
Please update county records accordingly.

This communication is about a recent unnecessary letter from Dena Jardin. As attachments are not allowed on this email, I refer you to the attachments included in

I am formally requesting NO FURTHER CONTACT from any individual at the Larimer County Workforce Center (LCWC). In the event contact occurs outside of the Courts or Law Enforcement, I'll proceed with a harassment complaint against Dena Jardin, her supervisor, and any other responsible individuals.

For what purpose was this further communication from Dana Jardin, cited above in the website? It seems a further waste of taxpayer funds in this matter, and further reiterates that the LCWC and it's employees have nothing to do with Federal Emergency Unemployment Insurance. We discussed this fully in the previous email communication. That being the case, then communications from that office serve no purpose other than to harass.

Finally, I must question who is the Director of the Larimer County Workforce Center, because in the cited communication above, a CC is suspiciously missing from the communication. I don't appreciate sophism and lying, and neither does the taxpayer. Ginny Riley is the Director of that Department of the County, for the reasons cited on the website article. If not then please state on the record, Commissioners, who the Director of the Larimer County Workforce Center is.

Thank you for your time Commissioners, and please take appropriate action in this matter.


Alfred P. Reaud

I humbly await a response.

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Email to Larimer County Commissioners - 1/24/2011 re Dana Jardin

Larimer County Commissioners - Email Receipt - 1/24/2012


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