There Is A Reason for FOIA Laws

Would I feel safe if I lived in Ft. Collins?

In a word, No.

I don’t trust liars.

When Stacy Lynne was being stalked, threatened and harassed by the biological father of her son she went to the Larimer County Sheriff’s Dept. with multiple forms of evidence.  The case was assigned to Detective Sgt. John Feyen, the “Crimes against Persons” Go to Guy.  Apparently, after meeting with someone in the District Attorney’s office it was decided  the evidence did not meet the burden of proof.

November 15th Permanent Orders Hearing in Courtroom 3A.  Sgt. John Feyen was being questioned by one Amy Antommaria, Counsel for the biological father.  She asked him questions regarding the complaints of Stacy Lynne against the behavior of the biological father.  It went like this (from the official Court Transcript):

Q: Do you believe that the accusations and the information that was provided to you  by Ms. Lynne were credible?
A: I don’t -- yes, I don’t doubt that she -- that what she gave us was the truth. it didn’t meet the burden that I needed to pursue criminal charges however.**

We’ve all heard this  before.  We sympathize with law-enforcement; they have a difficult job to do.  A lot of judgment calls.  We’ve been trained to not second guess those calls.  But what happens when faith in law enforcement is lost?  Do we continue to believe? 

Under cross examination by Ms. Lynne Sgt. Feyen was asked when the investigation was closed.  It went like this:

(again,  from the transcript)
Q: So when was this case closed?
A: That would have been the middle of May 2011, first part of June.

Now that’s a problem.  I personally sat in two meetings, one with Sheriff Justin Smith on July 5, 2011 and another on or around August 15, 2011.  At both of these meetings Stacy requested to see the file pertaining to the bio father.  (She wanted to make sure all her affidavits were actually in the file)  In the July meeting Smith told her she couldn’t see the file because it was an ongoing investigation.  When asked if she could view her documentation he told her she could… at a later date.  (Which never happened!)  In the August meeting Under-sheriff Nelson told her it was Sgt. Feyen’s case and he was not available to retrieve the file.

Draw your own conclusions.  I was there and I have certainly drawn mine.

BUT wait,  THERE’S MORE!!!

This same man,  reticent to pursue charges against someone who demonstrated  (during a “custody dispute” no less,  do I smell impunity here?)  threatening and unstable behavior, later seemed to be frothing at the bit to nail Stacy Lynne.  Here’s how I came to this conclusion -

On December 19 the “Permanent Orders” were issued by the Court.  Stacy did not receive them that day.  She wasn’t even aware until the next day,  Tuesday, December 20 that anything was amiss.  That day she went to pick her son up at school.  The biological father was also there, standing next to Jaden. According to Stacy when Jaden saw her he leapt out of his chair and said, “Run Mom!  Run as fast as you can!” and they exited the school.  As she was leaving an administrator said the father had a Court Order.  Stacy replied she didn’t know anything about an order.  She called me that afternoon quite shaken.  I asked her if she had received the Court Order and she said she had not.  That she had gone to the school per her usual and customary routine to pick Jaden up demonstrated this fact.

But that very evening Sgt. Feyen signed something called an “Exigent Circumstance Request Form”. (Dated  Dec-20-2011 10:07 pm)  In this form he certified there was either a) immediate danger of death or serious physical injury to any person, b) conspiratorial activities threatening the nation security interest, or c) conspiratorial activities characteristic of organized crime.   Do any of these apply to Stacy Lynne?  Is there ANY evidence ANYWHERE in the past 12 months that she posed any threat to any person?  In the past 12 YEARS?     No.  (well,  except perhaps  those up to their eyeballs in CORRUPTION, but that's for another post)

But it gets better because in this document Sgt. Feyen signs this certification:   “I understand that I may be held liable for civil and/or criminal penalties either as an individual, as an organization or both. By signing this form, I certify the information herein is true and correct. The emergency which exists is as follows: Cell phone belongs to non-custodial mother.  Mother fled with child after receiving court order granting custody to biological father.”

This form was a request to T-Mobile for Call Detail Records with Cell Site and Real-Time Location of the Mobile Device.  In other words,  they wanted to find her using her cell phone. It was in conjunction with a BOLO issued earlier that evening. A BOLO based on false premises. This documentation was obtained from the Larimer County Sheriff’s Dept. via a FOIA request.

Stacy Lynne had NOT received the Court Orders.  Sgt. Feyen simply had no knowledge that she had. Once again, it appears Sgt. Feyen lied. (There's some funny stuff about service of the orders,  but again, that's for another post.)

Hopefully he will be held accountable for this one, Civilly and Criminally!  Thanks to support from regular folks Stacy has finally found a fearless, principled attorney who upon hearing the above statement signed by John Feyen agreed to take her on as a client.

While Stacy needs to initiate action to restore her and Jaden’s’ rights the sad fact remains that he is not with his mother and appears to be languishing in his father’s custody.  Concerned mothers of Jaden’s classmates have noticed a marked change in him.  He has separated himself from lifelong friends, the light has gone out of his eyes.  The bright, joyful, curious, delightful young man has been ripped from a secure, stable loving environment. Just yesterday on the phone he told his mom he would soon be going to a new school.  Jaden is in trouble with no one safe and familiar to help him.  The Larimer County Sheriff’s Department is party to the charade of Justice.  Alas, they were only following orders.  After all,  it was in the child’s best interest.  Right Julie Field?

To any and all Public Officials who are reading this – IT IS TIME for you to decide.  Will you turn your head and ignore this or do what is right and stand by Stacy Lynne?  Will you use whatever capacity you have to bring light to her plight? Or will you hide behind Platitudes?  Be forewarned that what is described above is a mere fraction of actionable items committed by authorities in Larimer County and we will not stop until Justice is served!   Stacy Lynne protected the names of several people she did investigative work for and she did it to her own peril.  I am not even privy to these names.  Many of these people were “Public Officials”.  It is now time for them to return the favor and show some courage!

Which side do you want to be on when the Hammer of Justice finally comes down?

                                              There is no Honor hiding behind excuses.

Personal note:  Stacy Lynne is a very private, independent person.  Besides the fact of losing her son, to have her life laid out like this is incredibly painful.  She is wholly  uncomfortable asking for help in any way.  But she needs your help. We only have 40% towards another retainer fee to begin.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and care! 


For The Benefit of Stacy Lynne
PO BOX 1211
Arvada, CO  80001-1211

**Post Script:  If Detective Feyen believed the evidence Stacy Lynne submitted to the Sheriff’s Department was TRUE,  how could he, a father himself,  be party to ripping her son from her… oh,  that’s right,  he was only following “der” orders. 

Post Post Script:  For the record,  I am of sound mind, have committed no crimes, conspiratorial or otherwise,  and have too much to accomplish to off myself.  I'm just sayin'...


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