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The day is here... Below is the list of services and capabilities offered to Medical Marijuana Patients in Fort Collins that I've made available at a discount. Due to the twelve plant limit in Fort Collins, primary care-giving is not possible, hence these patient to patient services are being provided. If you don't like it, complain to the Fort Collins City Council,

In light of the February 9 ruling by Judge French we are no longer able to safely and effectively provide medicine to patients here in Choice City. Having already filed a lawsuit (denied by Judge Field) to prevent this loss in May 2011, I have to take a different tack than petitioning the Courts to protect my rights (been there, rode the bull, the shirt got ripped) with respect to maintaining the availability of quality medicine for myself and hence for others in Fort Collins.

Provided you are a Red Card holder and live in the geographical boundaries of Fort Collins, I'm willing to provide the following services to patients and caregivers ONLY, under the affirmative defense of Article XVIII, Section 14, Paragraph 2(d), at a discount of 66% by Happy Cat Technologies.

  • Grow room / enclosure engineering consultation (electricity, temperature, humidity, CO2 enhancement control) to insure that you maintain adherence to basic safety requirements and building / electrical codes were applicable.
  • Security system installation, configuration, and administration (a big dog works too, along with friends Smith and Wesson)(click here for more).
  • Secure anonymous non-traceable patient / caregiver networking, placement of medicine request, and/or notification of excess medicine availability via encrypted VoIP and/or VPN.
  • Green delivery / courier service in most of the Fort Collins area for select clients that have been vetted, via bicycle, public transportation, and moped.
  • Red Card and ID verified on all transactions both sides.
  • Low security/legal risk due to small amounts transacted, verified patient to patient / caregiver only.
  • Low service fee, TBD.

Contact the CatWhisperer for more information at 970.297.8490 or via email. The part of the amendment that authorizes this is the affirmative defense of (2)(d). Colorado Constitution, Article XVIII, Section 14, (2)(d):

Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions, no person, including a patient or primary care-giver, shall be entitled to the protection of this section for his or her acquisition, possession, manufacture, production, use, sale, distribution, dispensing, or transportation of marijuana for any use other than medical use.

If you are a Red Card holder, folks, you ARE ENTITLED to the protections of the section, and every word in that counts. Read it, memorize it, practice it… And don't be scared to be out in the open about this. IT IS LEGAL MEDICINE AFTER ALL, ISN'T IT? Stay within the "Red" lines, stay legal, and be a happy kitty! cool

MMJ Community announcement provided pro bono by Happy Cat Technologies.


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