Greg Smith and A Call for Whistle Blowers

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Mr. Greg Smith, an ex-high level employee of Goldman Sacks, is the awesome individual who had the moral fortitude to not only resign from an unethical employer, but also had the brass knockers to tell us about it. Mr. Smith gives us an example of what ethical behavior should be in the face of the adversity of systemic corruption.

We need more individuals like Greg Smith in our society, especially now. We need individuals in the Eighth Judicial District whistle-blowing on the corruption there. Why was Stacy Lynne's child taken, when she is AN EXEMPLARY MOTHER? There is an individual who allegedly killed his brother and who's dad is high up in the local Mormon Stake, who's case seems to have disappeared. What the hell is up with that? Benjamin Gilmore, a local bee-keeper who espouses peace, is an alleged arsonist? Cats are dancing with dogs in the moonlight in Larimer County, Colorado, apparently. What other injustices are being perpetrated because we're not aware, because nobody is looking? What's the connection between Judge Julie Field, ex-Governor Ritter, and our own master bohemian, Mrs. Stryker? Somebody out there knows the truth, and it is your duty to come forward or be accomplice to it…

What happened to $5,000,000 of Fort Collins Taxpayer money that went to a research startup in Fort Collins, that then kind of disappeared off the face of the Earth? We need whistle-blowers, folks, because if we don't have them, then the perpetrators keep on perpetrating behind closed doors and behind our backs.


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