Is it still "Tin Hat" stuff when mainstream media carries it?

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[UPDATED 5/13/2012] So if something is considered "tin hat" when does it become legitimate if true? A geologist conservatively considers the Pyramid 9,500 years old. Some thought the moon made of cheese (disproved by the Apollo program).

Locally, "tin hatters" believed that Stacy Lynne is being retaliated against for being an activist against waste in local government, Agenda 21 and ICLIE. The following Fort Collins Coloradoan story (archived for reference),

Larimer County sheriff leaves GPS on critic's car for four months,

indicates that Stacy Lynne was being targeted by the Larimer County Sheriff, not only via illegal (more on that later) phone tap, but also a GPS tracker?

I leave it up to your imagination and Googling skill as to what the hideous crime Stacy Lynne is suspected of having committed. Couldn't get to it till Sunday... Happy Mother's Day to all mom's out there!

The interesting thing I find about this GPS Tracking is the idea that the child was ever in danger, or that there were verifiable allegations of even the potential for parental kidnapping.

Sunday, there is an unattributed opinion on the Coloradoan titled "Tracking must be legal, ethical", the unnamed author states:

“… According to Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith, the tracker was placed under the truck of Stacy Lynne after she was ordered Dec. 21 by the court to return her son to his father during a custody dispute. Lynne said she believed the court order to be invalid and, at first, refused to return the child. She drove to a copy shop to write a legal response. While in the shop, sheriff’s deputies placed the tracking device on her SUV. Lynne was arrested, and her son was turned over to his father. She was released a few hours later and was not charged. The device was never turned on, Smith said. …”

To put it politely, I'd say Sheriff Smith was fibbing. I was there. There is a video of the service of the paper, folks, on YouTube. They gave her an hour or so to cough up the child. There was never service of the order in a way that allowed due process to occur, the due process of being able to challenge the order via numerous legal avenues. For starters, as a final order, it is appeal-able, LOL. NO, It was hand over the child NOW or go to jail. Really? But wait, with respect to the GPS tracker, there would have had to be not one trespass, BUT THREE, on Ms. Lynne's vehicle. To put it on, to turn it on, and to remove it. Can you or I place anything on somebody's else's property legally?

This is a textbook example of what family court activists call “legal kidnapping”. Ordered by an individual who should know better, perpetrated by the strong arm of the court, which is what the Sheriff (Shire Reeve) actually is. Lets go back to the GPS device, though. All this cloak & dagger comedy relates to the fact, if you think about it IMHO, that it was an illegitimate plant of a tracking device. If they had the legal authority to place it there, they would have the legal authority to remove it. No need to hem and haw about them not wanting to have Stacy know that the device was present. Please Justin, give us credit for at least half a working brain.

"LEGAL KIDNAPPING" is the only way to describe it, snatch the kid four days before Christmas, and there was probably a sleigh full of toys under the Christmas tree at the new domicile to compensate for being ripped out of the old one. Hence, when I read in the Coloradoan opinions such as this one, and I cringe.

I'd have loved to have gotten my hands on the "black box" with a USB port and owners manual. Yeah... But I bet by now it's comfortably back in the hands of it's rightful owner, like a good hound dog. Debriefed to insure that the ON switch didn't accidentally jar ON whilst four months on the lam.

Trust in plausible deniability, but verify as necessary… Which includes looking under your vehicle occasionally, both for tattle-tales and for nastier surprises.


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Tracking Devices - I'm checking my car too

Absolutely insulting to be targeted over a custody case. I have a tip for law enforcement on this one - ya got the wrong guy. Don't believe everything you hear,  and please do your homework. If you sign a sworn arrest affidavit, it must be accurate information. Consider your source - government attorneys use you to do their dirty work.  
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How Larimer County Abuses Children

I think this case is just proof of how abuse of children is supported by the whole system in Larimer County. It starts with the County Commissioners (Steve Johnson, Tom Donnelly and Lew Gaiter), it includes the team of District Attorneys (Larry Abrahamson and Cliff Riedel) because of their lack of prosecuting Larimer County employees that will make false statements and fabricate evidence in abuse cases of children. The list includes the Larimer County Attorney who violates due process and Colorado law. The list includes Ginny Riley and Jim Drendle who keep those who will not tell the truth in abuse cases of children employed. The corruption exists in every department of Larimer County. You also have those like Jane Bradley, with Child Safe, who speaks out for those who know of abuse of children to speak out about this abuse, but Jane Bradley remains silent about those who are employed in Larimer County who contribute to the abuse of children. The problems in the system are enough to make you sick. Yet they expect you to want to pay more in taxes to fund this failure of a system. 

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