Medical marijuana rules laid out in Colorado

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Quoted from Coloradoan Story: Medical marijuana rules laid out in Colorado Author: Associated Press Quotation: DENVER (AP) — Marijuana sellers in Colorado will soon have to wear photo badges, and patients will have new limits on changing their primary dispensaries. Those changes are among Colorado’s 99-page list of rules posted this week by Colorado regulators crafting the nation’s most extensive rules for commercial marijuana sales. Other highlights include the nation’s first regulations for the safe production of hashish, along with sanitary requirements for making food that contains pot. The rules also ban medical pot growers from using a four-page list of pesticides and other chemicals. The rules should be adopted early next year after a public comment period. ---------- CENSORED COMMENT ---------- CatWhisperer wrote: When one gets a prescription, one goes to the pharmacy of one's choosing. If another pharmacy has a better deal, the prescription can be transferred. There are no restrictions on that. It is a ludicrous proposition to consider it otherwise with medical marijuana. If my Center (it's not a dispensary, it's a medical marijuana center, get with the program, Coloradoan) isn't performing to my satisfaction, I will change them or sue the State to be able to. Some of the other regulation, however, is good, and will provide for industry wide standards. 12/16/2010 6:06:28 PM


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