September 2017

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Saturday, 2nd:
Finding the occasional straw of truth awash in a great ocean of confusion and bamboozle requires intelligence, vigilance, dedication and courage. But if we don't practice these tough habits of thought, we cannot hope to solve the truly serious problems that face us -- and we risk becoming a nation of suckers, up for grabs by the next charlatan who comes along.

August 2017

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Sunday, 6th:
Why don't somebody print the truth about our present economic condition? We spent years of wild buying on credit, everything under the sun, whether we needed it or not, and now we are having to pay for it, howling like a pet coon. This would be a great world to dance in if we didn't have to pay the fiddler.
The Best of Will Rogers

July 2017

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Sunday, 9th:
       Telling the truth when you don't mean to.

Saturday, 15th:
Churchill's Commentary on Man:
       Man will occasionally stumble over the truth,
       but most of the time he will pick himself up and continue on.

June 2017

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Monday, 5th:
Perhaps the most widespread illusion is that if we were in power we would behave very differently from those who now hold it -- when, in truth, in order to get power we would have to become very much like them.
⇒ (Lenin's fatal mistake, both in theory and in practice.)

TOTD 2017

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Back we are after a little vacation from posting during the year end holidays of 2016. Though starting off a little late this year, we hope to get back of the schedule, if time allows, of changing the Thought of the Day (TOTD) on a three day cycle. To reiterate from last year, “TOTD may be generated by an application called fortune-mod in a random semi-automatic process. The fortunes come from a database of over a million entries. Some of them are excellent, and most are apropos to the issue of the day.