Catwhisperer's Recommendations for Election 2016

Submitted by CatWhisperer on Wed, 10/12/2016 - 21:50

This recommendation is a work in progress as we just got the sample ballot and the Larimer County Local Ballot Issues booklet. We will continue this and expect to be completed by this coming weekend.


U.S. President/U.S. Vice President - Got this one wrong on the electoral votes but called it on the popular vote.
Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine :
If you haven't watched, heard, or read enough yet to understand why Donald Trump is neither qualified or of the proper character to be President of the United States then vote as you see fit because nothing I can say will change your position.

U.S. Senator (Colorado) - CALLED IT!
Michael Bennet

U.S. Representative (Colorado's 2nd congressional district) - CALLED IT!
Jared Polis


CO Member, University of Colorado Board of Regents - CALLED IT!
Heidi Ganahl

CO State Senator (Colorado State Senate district 23) - Got it wrong.
T.J. Cole
Because looking at Vicky Marble's voting record, I don't believe she espouses those values that make Colorado a great place to live. Pay special attention to her voting record and what she voted for and against, such as voting against every environmental measure placed before her. Vicky is not the kind of candidate I want representing me in the Colorado Senate… vs
CO State Representative (Colorado State House district 52) - CALLED IT!
Joann Ginal
She appears to be doing a good job, is highly educated, and appears to be for conservation, health, and welfare of all Coloradoans. vs
District Attorney - 8th Judicial District
No vote for the candidate, not that a lack of vote matters on this question however, because Clifford E. Riedel is running unopposed. IMHO, this is an example 

Observe Eighth Judicial District Modus Operandi

Submitted by CatWhisperer on Tue, 01/17/2012 - 16:33

With respect to the Coloradoan story quoted below, I can honestly say, from very personal experience, that this is the standard modus operandi in this Eighth Judicial District of Colorado. Stop a second, and step back. Look at the forest, instead of the trees in front of your face.  What year is this? 2012, duh. What is this year? Umm. An election year. Pray tell, who is term limited this year? Head scratching? Yes, well I want y'all to think, deep and well about this because if you DON'T pay attention, you, dear electorate, will be played like a cheap violin, and might I venture to say, yet again.

What my next question would be is: Has Mr. Gilmore given notice that he is taking it to trial or has he refused a plea. When my incident with the Larimer County employee, related in posts below this one, occurred and I responded to criminal charges with a lawsuit against the county employee, they operated in the same fashion.

What is really going on here? What I mention above is hypothesis trying to explain known data. But please recall a certain

Ballot Ideas to Insure Local Justice

Submitted by CatWhisperer on Tue, 05/17/2011 - 09:11

Brainstorming after the last election, where the people of Larimer County unseated two judges up for retention, and having been very active in that campaign, I pondered the reasons why we had the Timothy Masters problem, and what we, as the electorate, could do about it.

That lead to some ideas for ballot initiatives in the coming future related to judicial administration and tenure.

  1. Create a ballot initiative wherein a district attorney, assistant district attorney, or public defender is not eligible to be selected as a candidate for the bench in the same jurisdiction where they practiced as a district attorney, assistant district attorney, or public defender.
    The idea here is to prevent bias, conscious or unconscious from being introduced to the bench. The bench doesn't become a machine of logic just because it sits