Want to Help Justice in Larimer County, Colorado?

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If you really want to, don't retain Judge Carroll Michelle Brinegar. We can't do anything about (Eighth Judicial District) District Attorney Clifford E. Riedel, who is running unopposed, but you can choose to remove a judge from that bench that should never have been put in that position in this jurisdiction. As an ex-employee of DA Riedel, it can reasonably be assumed that Judge Brinegar will be biased, consciously or unconsciously, towards the prosecution, e.g. her ex-coworkers.

This recommendation was bought about by a Loveland Reporter-Herald news report “Berthoud man's trial internet luring of a child postponed". I commented on the strangeness of that case, but the comment has since been removed. This case is interesting, because the alleged perpetrator, Jarold Alan Mentzer, “…was arrested in November 2013 in Berthoud after Loveland police conducted a months-long investigation…”, but the case has dragged on for almost three years next month (November). Here is the reason given for the postponement: “"It was due to a jury not being available to be polled," DA spokeswoman Jodi Lacey wrote in an email."”

I find that a very un-plausible, hard to swallow reason for a 

Standing with Kim Davis... Chazak ve'ematz!

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Lets go back a few centuries to the Founding Fathers. See those guys? Do you think they put an obscured right in the Constitution about gay marriage? That only a court in 2015 can see and fathom? Can you envision that? Can you envision Superman flying around pregnant? Because that is what it compares to for the Supreme Court to say that the United States Constitution somehow embraces the right to gay marriage. Really? If you believe so, then you need to research the Founding Fathers and what they believed in. Sodomy was not one of the things that they upheld…

So I TOTALLY stand with Kim Davis, that Kentucky county clerk who was jailed for contempt by a Federal District Court judge for refusing to issue gay marriage licenses. Rightful contempt of an illegal order. I stand with Kim Davis for having the moral conviction to stand up to judicial tyranny.  I stand with Kim Davis for refusing to compromise on a question of following God or following the world. Chazak ve'ematz Kim! Stay strong, because God is on your side and 

The Destruction of a Medically Disabled Man in Fort Collins

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My eyes don't work well, and I can't figure out how to post this without it being The World's Longest Single Paragraph, so ... with apologies ... I'm hoping it's okay to just post this link:


Site Meister Says: I asked the Spirit, and was told to help this man out. So following is the whole story verbatim as written by Neil. It's a very interesting story on the   continued   corruption and fraudulent judgment in our local community… Bear with the writer, as it's a long story, but well worth pursuing to its completion. Also, please become familiar with Proverbs 11:1 and 20:23, as the Lord detests dishonest scales (as in scales of justice). I pray that the Lord keeps us from becoming tools of Satan through complacency, compromise, or lack of caring.  In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

In my sleep, I still see all the handguns pointed at me, the flash of light from the snipers scope, and the tank.
My wife and I moved to Fort Collins, Colorado, in October 2008. 
Having visited the town on several occasions, we fell in love with the lifestyle that defines Fort Collins: rather small-town hospitality and pace, with most of the city amenities, weather that works for our favorite activities, a host of outdoor options, and relatively affordable housing.

Possible explanation for Larimer County judge's absence

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On Friday, July 12, the Coloradoan came out with a story titled “No explanation for Larimer County judge's absence”, which is quoted below. So I did a little research on Google for Robert Rand. Google Scholar came up with the following entry from the 10th Federal District (Order quoted below):

CAROL DAVY, Plaintiff,
JUDGE ROBERT RAND, in his official capacity as Larimer County Court Judge, CLIFFORD REIDEL, in his official capacity as District Attorney for Larimer County, and JOHN HICKENLOOPER, in his official capacity as Governor of the State of Colorado, Defendants.
Civil Action No. 13-cv-00509-PAB.
United States District Court, D. Colorado.
March 1, 2013.

Now what is that about? Google Scholar doesn't

Commission today interviewing candidates to replace judges Blair and Gilmore

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Quoted from Coloradoan Story: Commission today interviewing candidates to replace judges Blair and Gilmore
Author: Trevor Hughes
"A nominating commission that's helping Gov. Bill Ritter select two new judges to replace ousted Larimer District Court judges Terry Gilmore and Jolene Blair is interviewing candidates today. The commission -- three local attorneys and four area residents who aren't lawyers -- today interviewed, among others, Norm Townsend, the chief area public defender. The interviews are being conducted in a conference room in the courthouse suite housing Chief District Court Judge Stephen Schapanski's office, and candidates are checking in with Schapanski's clerk. Townsend declined to comment on Monday.

Blair and Gilmore are set to leave the bench by Jan. 11 after voters this fall overwhelmingly declined to retain them. The two were swept from their seats by voters angered by the two former prosecutors' roles in the murder conviction of Timothy Masters. Masters this summer received $10 million from Fort Collins, Larimer County and