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Submitted by CatWhisperer on Mon, 12/06/2010 - 22:35

People would wonder why somebody would take the time to create a site to allow people to comment on a certain newspaper's stories. Well the short answer is that one must say NO to unreasonable censorship disguised as false discipline for non-existent transgressions.

My statements that the act of art destruction at the Public Art Gallery in Loveland, Colorado was an act of religious terrorism perpetrated by a religious terrorist (allegedly) driving a commercial over-the-road vehicle to get here stands. That IS EXACTLY WHAT OCCURRED! Such statements is when the banning started. The banning is of a despicable nature, where I can log in and post, but once I log out, the post never shows up anywhere. Kind of like talking to yourself. Neither friendly or humorous...

But thankfully easily fixed via technical knowledge. So we try to write on the Coloradoan first, then put it here if it doesn't show up. I'm part of the community, fellas, like it or not, and it seems that since you can't withstand the dialectic, you resort to unseemly, cowardly censorship. Well, folks, we were not created a nation of "sheeple" by the Founding Fathers. We were created as a nation of free individuals, who in their wisdom, placed FIRST AND FOREMOST in the Bill of Rights, the right of free speech, right after the right of free expression of religion.

A right that is being attacked every day in the mainstream media by censorship of stories that should be going out to the masses. Stories that are instead being replaced by pundits telling you what you should be thinking and believing. "Faux News" comes to mind. Whatever...

My life would be complete if I can get you to dare to think for yourself... Namasté


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