Where's My Mug?

Submitted by Al.sFair on Sun, 02/06/2011 - 12:08

We see mug shots every day in the Coloradoan.  Mug shots of our neighbors.  Some guilty, some innocent, some undercharged but most overcharged; some for misdemeanors, and some for felonies.

That’s just how it works.  You are accused and arrested.  Finger printed and photographed.  Lice showered and told to spread your ass cheeks and cough.

Even when the charges against you are dropped, as they were against a young guy named Temple, we still see his mug shot rather than a more appropriate picture of a free innocent man celebrating his vindication.

There is, however, a local exception to this legal process that you and I would be subject to if we were the accused.

It has to do with titles and entitlement.  If your name is preceded by Judge or Officer, or followed by Esquire, you are exempt from public humiliation.  You can be accused of enough felonies to lock you up for the rest of your life, but not have to worry about posting bail or surrendering your passport.  You can lie on and off the stand, and cook up lame theories that ruin a man’s life, but instead of losing your job, you get a paid vacation.  No cavity check, no orange jumpsuit, no collect calls from jail; just a paid vacation.

And, instead of a mug shot in the newspaper, you are pictured smiling in a carefree manner; joking it up with the best lawyer that the taxpayers’ money can buy.

Where’s my fucking mug shot of Officer Broderick?  Until I see it, I will continue to be absolutely certain that there is no justice in Larimer County.

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